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Niche Marketing Tips for Authors

Niche Marketing is important for authors because you’ll need to get your message out – and not only to sell books. You likely want to make a difference; entertain, educate, or inspire others. The only way to do that properly is to reach a niche market and promote your book, so read these marketing tips. A lot of marketers say it’s easy, but it’s easier still to procrastinate. So first, you’ll need to put yourself on a ‘social media diet’. More on that soon. Let’s get into the Niche Marketing…
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Changing Brand Positioning

Knowing How to Change Your Positioning

Don’t look, I’m changing my positioning! Weird!  Some people don’t think of themselves as a ‘brand’… but really we are talking of ‘brand positioning’. When I was setting up Power of Words for copywriting and content marketing, I did a lot of SWOT research on what my service should do and what level I should play at. It is similar to what I do now, whenever I launch a new book or membership. Sometimes though, the level we play at is dictated by the people we can feasibly reach. Who can…
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