Writing a book in Australia

Writing a Book in Australia, in a Crisis

Like many who rely on the wonderful authors of this world, I need optimistic books right now! So this post will talk about what you can write a book about during this Coronavirus crisis, that also won’t date too much. If you like writing non-fiction, the topics I am brainstorming here for 2020 are: Career transitions. What a great time to write about skilling up for a new career or home-based business, and as a bonus, discussing the technologies many of us need in modern business life. I wrote How…
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Sharing Your Creative Side

Part of the Creative Ways with Money philosophy is knowing your own strengths, skills and resources and then finding creative new ways to share them with others. In the book, we do this through finding our life’s purpose (our Ikigai), knowing what’s real and what’s not, and applying our strengths to business or online income streams. It seems everything is changing at the moment and many of us can’t figure out what to do with our time. Remember that we don’t just create in a vacuum. We must look at…
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creative nonfiction book writing
Book Writing
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Revealing Truth in Creative Nonfiction Writing

There’s a certain kind of authentic voice and language that connects to your emotions, that you might find in outstanding creative nonfiction books and some self-help books. If you want to know what creative nonfiction is, it is the gripping, narrative style of writing but telling a factual story. Like any other skill, I believe you can learn to write in a more ‘raw and real’ way. Although at times I struggle with this myself. So push aside the academic ‘balanced view’, stamp down your prim English rules (occasionally), and…
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