aussie self-publishing school review

What’s an Aussie Alternative to Self-Publishing School?

Authors often look online for book publishing training, and some Australians find Self-Publishing School, by Chandler Bolt. He is American. Reviews state that one author enrolled with some feeling that it would provide support services, but always remember that author training schools are not services like editing and formatting. Let’s compare Self-Publishing School to Book Creation Success Club at Business Author Academy, Australia. It is a sequential type course, so the person learns one part at a time. Ours delivers the marketing section in month 2, but the rest you…
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authors doing book launch

Dodge the Vanity Press and Do Your Own Publishing

Self-publisher support companies — like Balboa Press and Austin Macauley — are everywhere. On Amazon I found someone else passionate about authors and saving them from the clutches of uncaring vanity presses. Yah! Michael N Marcus seems to have dedicated a good portion of his life to warning authors and informing them on how to self-publish independently. Such idiotic titles as ‘Can I really publish a decent book with Microsoft Word? Yes!’ and ‘How to Not Get Screwed by a Self-Publishing Company’ (with amateur cover) first made me wonder at…
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how to publish a book in australia

How to Publish a Book in Australia

Even though this is meant to be light relief, hopefully you’ll also learn a lot about how to publish a book in Australia, without losing your shirt. First step, ignore all ads that start following you around the internet. Those are likely to be vanity press/support companies who want your dollars. Next, write a list of simple actions you will take to get this book published. Here’s a fun look at the usual book publishing steps for Australians. 1. Decide on your publish path. Choose whether you want to pitch…
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POD print on demand

A Tale of the Printing Press and POD

In 1450, in the town of Pearlessence, Sir Rupert was talking to his lightly-paid servant, Eric. It seemed the world of technology had moved on without Sir Rupert, which young Eric was only too happy to point out. (Bear with it, this parable does have a point). “Sir, it is a futile effort that you make, copying your manuscripts by hand. Even by woodblock, it takes a week to set up for one book!  Have you not heard that in Mulberry city they have a new Gutenberg press, a POD 400*.…
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The ISBN benefits

Why do I need an ISBN?

An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number, and it identifies a book format and title to all booksellers, readers and libraries. It is not a book cost which you should cut from your plans. While you can choose to publish privately for company profiles, client guides, etc, having an ISBN opens up your book to be ready for purchase through traditional book retailers, online bookstores, libraries and book finder tools. (See my favourite book price checker, – try a book search on your own book.) The Benefits of Using an ISBN Having an…
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