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Weaving Stories into our Author Talks

The thirty eager authors looked at me expectantly. Would today be the day they learnt how to take control of their book marketing?  The ‘19 ways to get book publicity’ may have bombarded their brain a little, but the presentation proves that one can do many things to grow our presence and sell more books. Some of those things only take a few minutes — such as claiming your book at Amazon Author Central — and some take a few hours — like creating an author speech to share around…
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Marketing tips for authors

Best Marketing Tips for the Unbranded Author

So, you’ve got yourself a visibility problem. Rather than throw a huge list of author marketing tips at you without a well-crafted strategy, I’d like you to do few planning steps. I call it the Who, Where, What and Why. Then I’ve got some simple marketing advice below it. WHO Every marketing plan starts with the group (or segments—fancy marketing jargon) of people you want to reach. There are all different things to consider, e.g.: Demographics – M/F, age, income, stage of life Psychographics – what they have in common…
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The Three Principles of Marketing that Work!

Do you love helping clients? But, when it comes to sales and marketing, you can’t believe how confusing and huge it all is? You probably don’t have time to read a book, even my book, about marketing 😉 So let’s introduce three principles of marketing that I’ve learned over the past decade. 1) Build your personal brand. Simply, it really helps to connect on a personal level and show people you are both a dedicated professional and a person with substance. 2) Concern yourself with expressing your personal passion for a…
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Five Ways to Make Better Book Profits

Here we are all for better book profits for non-fiction authors, with fewer costs; that’s what it’s all about, really.  So first we’ll knock off some easy wins and then move onto advanced methods. 1. Keep your Book Production Costs Low My first tip for better book profits is keeping production costs low in the first place. This may mean using a Book Design template and learning styles in Adobe InDesign*, or simply keeping production costs to a minimum by getting three editing quotes from editors with testimonials. The other way…
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