Kindle Publishing Income review

Another Kindle Publishing course: Bogus Claims

Well, dear readers, last night I partook of a webinar for Kindle Publishing Income, where an English lady called Sophie Howard told people a big bunch of fibs so they would be excited enough to part with huge money. ($2,495 USD for the course and coaching sessions program). My aim here is not to offer a course review, as there are plenty of those already, but merely to point out that ludicrous claims are still being made by relative newcomers about selling books via Amazon. Claim #1: You can Make…
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Kindle Select ebook publishing

Why Choose Kindle Select?

I have only one title able to enrol in Kindle Select, as with my own books I thought it best to go wide since Aussies love their iOS devices (iBooks), however, most new authors who have no platform to sell from yet are inclined to go for the narrower Kindle Select distribution option. Let’s look into why. About Kindle Select  (from Amazon KDP) When you choose to enrol your book in KDP Select, you’re committing to make the digital format of that book available exclusively through KDP. During the period…
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Kindle Select ebook publishing

How to Publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle

Everyone, you can now publish to Amazon Kindle (KDP) with just a Word document. That said, you will need to ready it and learn the pros and cons of various Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) offerings, such as Kindle Select (exclusive eBook distribution for 90-day periods). Print on Demand publishing?  Read the complete “How to Publish a Book in Australia“. The Process of Formatting for EBook Automatic Conversion 1.  Strip out all headers and footers / page numbering. Your book will have a header in the end, don’t worry. 2. I…
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