When creating your book/course landing page for reader optimisation, start with these questions:

1. What’s the purpose of my landing page? Have one clear call to action, like signing up the first video lesson, subscribing for a free chapter, or take this special fans & followers offer.

2. What am I offering my readers? — Not more information, but an ability to earn more, do more, be more productive.

3. How will my prospects benefit from what I’m offering them? — A strong “what’s in it for me”.

4. Have I incorporated the strongest selling points in the headline?

5.  Is there one clear reason for my ideal readers to buy?  (Or five reasons, even better)

6.  Can I summarise some of my longer paragraphs with easier-to-read lists or bullet points?

7.   Does the design allow for ease of reading?  White space, use of bold for emphasis, and title case headings are proven to be clear winners.

8.  What do my readers need to know so they can accept and buy now…? E.g. is it a digital download?  Will the course take 4 weeks? Can they get lifetime access? Is your shipping quick? Is your pricing clearly marked, with the currency?

9. Can I give them a free chapter or short preview to get a feeler?  Smashwords offer a widget to put on your own site for them to “sample” some first pages, and so does Amazon I believe.

Finding a Landing Page Platform

Whether you are learning to write landing pages for your book or an online course, you will need to find a platform to build them on, and a testing methodology. What works to get the reader to sign in to get the first chapter?

There is LeadPages, but if you are not into paying $55+ per month for this style of landing page conversion builder, then why not check out your own WordPress template?   Make the page without a javascript header, navigation menu or sidebar. (You should however, have an email capture form that appears for everyone). I use a theme which allows every kind of customisation, such as remove sidebars and remove header menus… and that theme is Impreza. Read about that theme and creating author websites here.

Optimise a Landing Page for Website Visitors Too

When I talk about how to optimise a book sales page, I mean for the reader, but you can also optimise it for search bots too by using keywords in Headings 1 & 2, alt tags in images, and checking the summaries are an appropriate length of 300+ words etc.

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