Kindle Publishing Income review

Another Kindle Publishing course: Bogus Claims

Well, dear readers, last night I partook of a webinar for Kindle Publishing Income, where an English lady called Sophie Howard told people a big bunch of fibs so they would be excited enough to part with huge money. ($2,495 USD for the course and coaching sessions program). My aim here is not to offer a course review, as there are plenty of those already, but merely to point out that ludicrous claims are still being made by relative newcomers about selling books via Amazon.

Claim #1: You can Make BIG income, mostly Passively EVERY month.

Loved her ‘hidden’ images while proving the revenue spend of her own eBook titles. Going to Amazon myself, I checked out the numbers via Kindlepreneur’s rough sales rank calculator. What do you know? Not $1,000 – $3,000 per month for each title as claimed – she is not Wilbur Smith or James Altucher.

TitleSales RankRetailMonthly sales#

Amazon Boom 2021

K 29.95 P 29.950-15
Online Business Models for 2021212,414K 4.99 P 16.99up to 28 (Rev. $100)
Freedom Navigator249,677A 5.95up to 28
#Sales Rank estimated from both calculator and knowledge of own book sales

With revenues of about $100 a book or less, although several months after launch, a big income this publishing does not make. In addition, the poor reviews will hinder further sales.

Claim 2: There are Niches with Low Competition and High Revenue

While there are tools to find interesting niches where competition is less, with over-saturation of most business, Amazon and income focussed topics in Amazon categories, Sophie herself has not managed to find them – so what chance has a new amateur got?

On balance, putting the year in some subtitles was a master-stroke. It seems that the book Amazon Boom was set up to only sell in the first few months of launch, not forever. You can do your own research with a keyword tool designed for Kindle, such as the below one.


Rocket Kindle Keywords
Kindle Rocket – click to see How to Choose Keywords

Claim 3: It’s easy to get Amazing Ghostwriters Cheaply, for a Business Result

The low rates paid to the ghostwriters had me in conniptions, but that point aside…

The fact is, just getting a ghostwriter to write generic content for low pay of about AU$1,000 – $1,500 does not make a bestseller. I point you toward James Altucher, a man who quite obviously does NOT use a ghostwriter and who could buy fashionable clothes from his Amazon sales.

Integrity is not built on work by ghostwriters who write for bread and butter alone. Authentic book creation projects by University-educated, experienced writers could cost a client $10,000 to $25,000.

A missing fact is the need for at least a copy editor, who will make the reader experience much nicer and less straining. Interesting case studies and mindful how-to tips also make a book more related to the readers’ goals. Neither seem to be in the book Amazon Boom, according to the unpaid reviewers.

Nice Self-Publishers Unite

I hope intending business-minded publishers have faith to keep going with their book goals, but I can assure you it is never as simple and easy as some gurus make out. Not only for emotional support, you also need to reach out to others in your community in preparation to launch and sell your book. Plus you’ll want to give value at the same time — as nobody likes a taker.

Nice author communities – pay for events at normal rates:

Self-publishing for Profit – online meetup (mine)

Brisbane Authors Networking Group – Facebook network group, real life events in Brisbane area.

Writers around Australia – Facebook group

Book Creation Success – my free and public Facebook group, for learning tips

How to Judge Authentic Teachers of Kindle Publishing

Whenever I think someone else has the answers to my income or book publishing woes, I take to Google. Sometimes I find myself staring at a ‘snippet’ of my own blog post. A weird feeling washes over me. ‘Really, this is the best you can do, Google?’… comes to mind. It’s far worse over at Facebook search, though. Any old marketer can launch a campaign and run a webinar.

Lesson being: question everything you read, see and hear.

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