Jennifer at Power of Words coaches business operators who are aiming to promote themselves through quality book publishing. This doesn’t suit everybody. But it does suit writers who can profit through their services like consulting, training (online/offline), or advertising on their blog.

We have long known that words can be a tool to persuade, inform and educate. But marketing is something all authors must do, and that is often the hardest part of writing a book!

No Book Marketing Plan…

If you don’t have a marketing plan for your book, and hence your whole career, then self-publishing will be like throwing sand into the wind.

A successful UK author states it this way:

“when I started to follow my marketing plan for Only the Innocent, I was working 14 hours a day, seven days a week” (excluding any actual writing).

Is that all? Well, I never.

Choices are ours to make… to succeed, we can leverage marketing systems and learn best practice marketing, for the benefit of our whole life… or else promote one book for 14 hours a day to compete head-to-head.

After taking our Niche Marketing for Authors mini e-course:

learn the professional way to brand yourself…
raise your online profile…
and then market a book online…
with our course: Marketing for Influencers.

After two years of researching other authors’ experiences with self-publishing, I came to some realisations that make revealing reading.

I also include a typical book package with price. (Please contact us for up-to-date services and a quote).

Download The Truth about Self-Publishing Books for Business

This booklet is also available for Australian business contacts by postal mail.

Jennifer Lancaster

Editor & Book Coach