Joyful Eating

Joyful Eating Tansy

Joyful Eating is a self-help book that helps someone give up the dieting mindset. It details principles and contains exercises and tables.

Tansy wanted editing help to get a more casual tone, reduce excess verbiage and reduce word repetition. I also took out many cases of ‘or’ and ‘however’.  I also advised Tansy about ideal length of the book and she did a lot of work to get it down and make it reader-friendly.

Project Detail

Testimonial 93 Tansy

I took time selecting the best editor for my book, Joyful Eating. Jennifer’s editing style stood out from other example edits I received. She really understood who the book was for and her editing style reflected this. Jennifer made edits that not only ensured my work was grammatically correct; she edited in a way that ensured that the book was engaging while maintaining my voice throughout.

The process of editing was seamless, and I am delighted with the final draft and feel my book is far more readable. I would not hesitate to engage her services for any future writing projects. Thanks, Jennifer!

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