How many of you think it’s really hard to create a mobile version of your website…? Wouldn’t it be hard to get your book to feature prominently when people come and search on a mobile phone, tablet or other device? Not anymore, thanks to a site I found which does all the heavy lifting (or in this case, hard coding) for you.

At Duda Mobile, you can choose from a new responsive site or just make yours more responsive with a mobile site. You can use the free version and still input your book’s cover image so it features prominently on a small screen.

I found this on easy to use, and had my site ready to go live in just 30 minutes. As a new user, I am not sure whether to sign up for the US $9 per month plan and premium options, like a mobile (m.) domain name, or just go with the free plan and basic options.

When you compare this small cost with the hundreds or thousands a developer may charge, it seems small potatoes. Just check the currency exchange first before purchasing any type of software online ($US to AUS). An overview of the Duda mobile options are now in my new ‘Fix My Own SEO’ video training course.

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