Whether starting or growing a business, you might be stumped for marketing ideas on how to get lots of leads and sales. Perhaps your marketing budget doesn’t stretch to print advertising… and you’ve heard the rumours about Google ads not working that well for traditional business. Now you can tap into 20 years of marketing study from a copywriter and author.

By Jennifer Lancaster, Copywriter and Marketing Expert

———- Here’s 63 Reasons to Believe in Better Ways to Market ——————-
When I started out in my copywriting business, tired of cold calling, I thought, “I’d love to have a list of marketing tactics that I could just cherry pick from”.  So I collated ’63 Ways to Grow Your Business’ – a cheat sheet to use when I felt tired of cold calling. …. Get that original 63 Ways to Grow Your Business sheet (a PDF)… free, now.

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Answers to the 5 Most-Asked Questions about Marketing a Business

————- Let’s get straight into the Marketing Ideas ——————-

1.  How Do I Keep My Marketing Costs Down?

You’ve got to use proven methods of copywriting and TEST your advertising — and even your free offers. Which offers get more sign-ups or calls?  This will naturally contain your marketing costs and tell you which media  or medium works. There are killer Cloud-based tools to help you keep costs down, while you get established.

How about a full CRM (Customer database) for Free? (p. 93) Or an email marketing system that sends recent blog posts to subscribers automatically, also for Free (p.51)?  And what should a business owner do before getting a business website designed? (p.107-112).  All the details are in my book, “Power Marketing: an Aussie Guide to Business Growth”. More on that down below.

2.   Why is my Client Attraction so Haphazard?

Many Accountants, Therapists, Mediators, Yoga teachers, and Consultants are great ‘in person’… Yet many service businesses like these lack solid ‘sales funnel’ systems that continually attract leads and then warm them up (while they’re busy). Finding the right Cloud software and trialling different follow-ups and giveaways can really help – in combination with personal networking. (Don’t just rely on what lead gen & marketing providers say; really understand your target market, what they are seeking and where they are seeking it).

3.  I Need More Time and Automation… but How?

Most women in business want to leverage their time, to grow their business long term and have less of the ‘grunt work’ to do.  So, you must employ simple, cloud-based technology. Then you can easily get savvy outsourcers to help implement it. Or you can do it yourself, as these tools are fairly simple to use. This marketing automation ultimately means more time freedom! Some of the recommended tools are:

  • MailChimp — automated emailing
  • Zoho CRM — track leads, contacts, email and take notes
  • Harvest — time tracking and invoicing
  • WordPress (hosted) — easy website updates and blogging which you can schedule.
  • Send Out Cards — an unusual way to stand out with special clients.

4.  A USP – What on Earth is that?

In Power Marketing, I don’t assume that you know what a USP is. A Unique Selling Proposition is explained with a simple example. This proposition is the value we provide to our customers – the one thing that makes us stand out in the marketplace.

It is so crucial to have this — but it’s not necessary to start a new innovation either. It’s all in how you FRAME what you provide to be “music to their ears”.

(By the way, the more unique you appear to be, the more you can ostensibly charge).

5.  How can Modern Marketing Help my Goals?

In the old days, marketing meant advertising and promotion – en masse. Companies did not generally give first; they tried to sell (or brand) first. As more awareness of the sales funnel process has increased, more and more businesses are aware of the need to educate consumers before selling to them.

Thanks to the low-cost nature of online marketing, incentive lead generation can be done cheaper than ever before, through such devices as Squeeze pages (email captures), Lead Surveys, Affiliate/Reseller partners, Email Autoresponders, Blogs with opt-ins, and free e-reports or eBooks.

But don’t forget that you are creating a network in your business… and these people you know through social channels like LinkedIn and Facebook also have businesses. Some of them might have target markets (and email lists) that are simpatico with yours. I’ve learned there is great power in asking for what you need and also thanking sincerely. Publicity is yours for the taking if only you’d ask.

Power Marketing BookSo, on that note, if you’ve enjoyed these marketing tips, I’d like you to consider buying the Power Marketing book, or getting it as an eBook (handy to zip through to the section you want).  It’s $22.95 with postage INCLUDED, or $9.99 US for eBook.

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Author & Copywriter, Jennifer Lancaster