The MEGA Book and Course Planning Workbook

Dear Aspiring Author,

Have you ever had a great idea but got to the planning part of creating a book (and course) and started sweating?  The Googling, the trial and error, the crazy lists, the ad-hopping – don’t do it! Just get this MEGA Book and Course Planning Workbook, and do the ‘workshop at home’.

You can print the MEGA Book and Course Planner out on a home printer or at Officeworks, and sit down and have all the questions at your fingertips!

So, what’s inside this Mega Book and Course Planning Workbook?

A glossary and introduction to set you on the right learning path.

Don’t just sign up to the first course platform you hear of, when you could compare FIVE majors and their price points in the Expert Learning list on p.14 and choose what suits.

Wondering about what problems or questions to answer? Find the gold with your Empathy Map, p.4.

Nutting out terms to use and amount of consumer interest? See the Research your Reader page, p.3.

Get ready for writing action with your one-page Book Plan, p.8.

Create a Bestseller Book Blurb with our guide on p.12.

Pricing a course? See the Pricing a Course page for a handy guide to course pricing.

This workbook is 30 A4 pages. It is MEGA in value, not in size, as none of us have a lifetime to plan our book and course! We want to be able to do it in ONE afternoon… which is only possible when you’re not caught in an INTERNET surfing trap.

Jennifer book editor

Written and compiled by Jennifer Lancaster.  Since 2006, she has written five books and sherpa’d 25 authors and launched the 40-lesson course: Book Creation Success.

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