Jennifer writing coach

Jennifer Lancaster supports your book through to completion

You’ve perhaps had some ideas for a book, but really don’t have the will or the time to learn and push through all of the publishing stages alone.  Are you tired of working things out yourself? This practical and engaging process will guide you throughout every phase of your book’s development, including the angle that meets your target audience’s needs.

One editing client, a psychologist working on her book for 12 years, said, “I wish I’d found you earlier–it would have saved so much time”.

The five parts of the Business Developer’s Book Program are:

  1. Plan. In our initial session we will work together to create a structure for your book. Your book’s genre, niche, and style is planned. Through your use of a mind map and us defining the outline further, your ideas will become more focussed and a traditional book format will take shape. This important phase means it will be much easier to write or transcribe…
  2. Write. During this phase, you are supported throughout the entire writing process.  You receive ongoing advice and guidance via email, Skype or face to face.  We create a timeline for your book writing and jointly organise regular Zoom sessions so that you can complete your manuscript in a realistic timeframe.
  3. Edit. As your experienced editor, I make sure your book gets the editing support that’s needed.  A structural edit is done, where we discuss how the concepts or story flows, both logically and in rhythm.
    Next, a copy edit where each paragraph and sentence is checked for readability.  From here we are ready for proofreading.
  4. Design. During this phase, your book is typeset, with your input and a designer’s technical skills.  The same designer will mock up your book cover (for your printed book and e-book cover), 3D shot, eBook files for Amazon and iBooks. Other options include an author web banner and assets such as a Facebook banner and author business cards.
  5. Print. This pre-press phase includes registering of ISBNs and Cataloguing (terms you’ll come to know), physical printing of your book at cost price, and distribution to online stores.

This program will now be run in conjunction with our Business Author Academy and Jennifer will be your Project Manager and Writing Coach.

So you will get all the resources and videos to go through in your evening hours, plus the practical hands-get-dirty book planning and writing support!

Investment: From $4,000 – a payment plan is available.

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