Sometimes an online service comes up that makes me think: “why did I even bother doing it the hard way?” A new online ebook builder ‘Designrr’ is making me think this. It’s a new way of creating a lead magnet — or perhaps a larger ebook for distribution — from your own web pages…. without the stress of learning Adobe InDesign.

Actually… without even learning the correct way to convert to Kindle from Word. This is good to avoid because Word has peccadillos that cause you to nearly gouge your eyes out as you remedy the solutions one-by-one. And if you want to convert to Kindle from InDesign and it’s full of pictures, get ready with the headache pills.

Another paid tool for creating ebooks that I’ve used in the past is Jutoh. But Jutoh is not for the fainthearted. It requires knowledge of what to clean up, why we are ticking the box “make NCX”, and pre-conversion things like selecting all Heading 1’s to make the chapter headings (but then not getting confused and putting two lines as Heading 1). It actually works better with Windows, as luck would have it.

Pro Version for Making Kindle eBooks

tool for creating ebooks

While many of my readers are looking for Kindle eBook conversions mainly, only the Pro version of Designrr does that (sorry, I don’t know the price of that). The $27 version is more useful for designing your own website assets from blogs or pages, I should think.


Why are Digital Assets the Best Kind?

I like to call them assets because that is what cheat sheets, free ebooks, reports, trials, and charts are — they are assets that you give in order to get a new subscriber. They help you build your marketing funnel. Making your digital assets look good is all part of the temptation.

Other assets are ones you will sell, preferably with an automated online system. You can read some more about this in the book by Glen Carlson, 24 Assets. But it’s important to be clear that freely-given assets are just as important as paid ones.

Anyway, the Designrr maker is also giving away his ebook “Content Marketing for Dummies” with his initial US$27 yearly offer. If I was to design a 12-page full-colour online ebook, I would probably charge $200. So a good saving on this online service.

Of course, firstly see what you can do yourself – always. But if you cannot get anywhere with that, perhaps check out these new look tools, like Designrr and Canva. Even if I can design things, I am always looking for the most expedient way to do things. [ctt template=”3″ link=”bWx1r” via=”yes” ]Because time is the only currency you cannot save up[/ctt].

I’m also about to launch a Content Marketing & Video Creation easy-order service that is very affordable for authors, so I’ll speak about that soon.

Here is a simple video book trailer, which is easily made:

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